Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How often do I need to see a practitioner?

A. Each person is unique so there is no 'one size fits all' treatment period. If we feel that your condition may require more frequent monitoring we will discuss this with you and advise you, but generally we see patients once a month. Schedule permitting, clients are able to call or text if they have any concerns in between appointments.

Q. How Long Does an Appointment Take?

A. The initial Naturopath consultation takes approx. 1 hour

Follow up consultations take approximately 15 -30 minutes.

Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking & Quit Gambling Programs are 90 minutes face to face weekly for 4 weeks.  If you are unable to attend a particular week, you can make it up at the next group session running. 

Q. Why Would I Need to See a Naturopath?

  • Are you feeling generally unwell and not at your peak?
  • Are you sick of being on non-essential medication?
  • Have you been unsuccessful in previous attempts to resolve health issues?
  • Would you like to explore alternate health solutions?
  • Do you want to address the cause of your ill health and unwellness while getting symptom relief?

Q. Are your Treatments Animal Friendly?

A. All our herbal formulas are plant based. 

With the exception of fish oil, most supplements and capsules are also vegetarian based.

About the Naturopath - Lorena Valeri



 Lorena Valeri

  • B.ASc. (Nat).  
  • Grad.Dip(Nat)  
  • Energy Healing  - multiple disciplines
  • Iridology
  • Hypnotherapy
  • EFT Tapping
  • Coming Soon 2020 NLP

Associations & Membership


  • NHAA - Membership No 154605 Naturopath & Herbalists Associaton of Australia                  
  • ANTA - Membership No 8827  Australian Natural Therapists Association  
  • ARONAH -  Membership No 0005    
  • Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists    
  • TGA Certificate 154008

Health Fund Information


Naturopath services are no longer claimable on your private health fund,  this change has taken effect from 1/4/2019.  

Where you can find us


  • 305 Bay Street, Brighton Le Sands NSW 2216  Inside the Physiotherapy Rooms
  • Coming soon to Hoxton Park

Client Testimonials



My husband was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2009. He was under the care of a specialist in this field, but still had some unresolved issues. After attending the Alternate Health Solutions naturopath clinic and taking the herbal medicine tailor made for his condition, and a follow up visit to the specialist, the scans showed complete reversal of scarred tissue on his lungs. The specialist was very surprised to see this. My husband now takes the herbs on a low maintenance dose and has recovered. Thank you Lorena for helping us find a solution!



 I suffered from multiple warts on my heels for a prolonged period of time. I was under the care of a doctor  and had them burned, cut out and frozen and they kept coming back. Through a family friend I was referred to Lorena and Alternate Health Solutions and after a full month of taking the herbal formula she made up for me the condition completely healed! It’s now been 3 years since and haven’t had a reoccurrence. Thank you Lorena!



Sometime ago I noticed that I was becoming very forgetful. I would misplace things, forget appointments and my concentration was not as good as it used to be. As there is a history of alzheimers in my family, this was cause for some concern. I went to the naturopath clinic near my home and Lorena put together a treatment plan for me. This included taking some supplements, a herbal formula and some very basic dietary additions which included drinking green tea and a glass of good quality red wine each evening. To my surprise my forgetfulness was a thing of the past and I was much more attentive at work and in my personal life. This put my mind at ease knowing that I could slow the progress of any dementia type disease. 



For many years I have had hormone problems, with irregular periods, heavy flow, pain and swelling. After searching Google to find a naturopath in my area, I met Lorena at the AHS Clinic. Lorena put together a treatment strategy which included a very low dose herbal medicine. She recommended I combine this with very minor modifications to my diet which I was happy to take on board. After two months, I now have a regular period every 28 days and have minimum PMS symptoms, something which had never occurred in the past 30 years! I’m very happy to have Lorena as my practitioner and would recommend her to anyone!